One of the best things about photography is the range and depth of subjects that can inspire you to push yourself to the next level.
It doesn't matter what your skill set is or where your interests lie there's always something new and challenging where ever you look.
I'm not particularly interested in the rules or latching on to a particular trend and have always found most satisfaction is in simply following my own instincts.

One thing that's remained constant from the time I picked up my first Brownie camera as a youngster, right through to today is my interest in photographing people.
It would have to be the most challenging but by far the most rewarding aspect of photography that is full to the brim with opportunities to capture something of the often hidden personality of your subject.

Portraiture is more than just posing, it's revealing the inner person and when you can achieve that, to me, there's no better outcome.

Below are some of my all-time favourite photos of some very beautiful people.  These images are more than just a record of a person, they remind me of the connection between two people in revealing something very personal.

Thanks to everyone I've ever had the privilege to photograph.
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