Thanks for dropping by.   I'm an amateur photographer based in the beautiful city of Albany, Western Australia. 
My photographic interests are wide and varied and may change direction at any time.      I use anything from a Kodak Brownie to Hasselblad, Polaroid 100 to Canon 5D Mk3, a DIY pinhole to Speed Graphic, Belair Jetsetter to Olympus OM-D and much more.

I'm not particularly interested in the rules but much prefer to take it as I see and feel it.    To me the secret of maintaining an interest and a fresh approach is to keep moving, whether it's by adopting a new style, process or experimenting with light and chemistry.
I find photography to be a very rewarding pastime which provides great opportunities to meet, work and share with so many talented and interesting people.


                               ACE Camera Club:
   Our club meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Vancouver Arts Centre at 7:30pm.                                                                                  
                               Photographers of all levels and interests are most welcome.

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