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                                                    My personal journey through photography continues on and I'm currently working away at both ends of the technological spectrum.
Our club (ACE), has an exhibition coming up at the beginning of August in which we will be exhibiting photographs taken with vintage, classic, DIY and ex op shop cameras.
This is not just a collection of photographs but an account of what film means to six members of our club and how they use it to convey their view of the world without a pixel in sight.

At the other end of the scale I continue becoming aquainted with micro 4/3rds via my Olympus OM-1 Mk2 which I now find myself using in preference to my Canon 5D Mk3.
The stabilization on this camera when you combine it with selected lenses is just outstanding as is the quality of the images produced.
The fact that I can carry everything in a medium sized bag at about 1/3rd the weight is such a releif when you're on a trip.
I'm looking forward to Spring when we will be involved in a few local projects and continuing on with some new concepts using my 360 degree camera which should be very interesting.
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Last updated on the 17th of July 2017