One of the great things about today's photography is that we have an almost limitless range of equipment and processes to choose from.   Everything from traditional film and chemistry right through to the latest in digital technology and even a mixture of both.

I find equal pleasure in creating large format images in a pinhole camera made from cardboard or one from today's high-tech digital DSLR's.   
I'm currently reliving working with the early 90's digital cameras when 4 megapixel sensors and 16 megabyte memory cards were regarded as pretty amazing stuff.    You do get an apprecation of how far cameras have come since then and getting out an old camera can be a chance to enjoy a pleasant trip down memory lane.
Using the older technology certainly forces me to wring every last pixel out of the image and that can be a bit of a creative and technical challenge.

Current interests - ACE Camera Club, portraiture, event photography, pinhole photography and enjoying the many challenges.
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Link to the ACE Camera Club Albany HERE

The ACE Camera Club (inc) is located in the Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany catering for digital, film, alternative, DIY, video and maintains a fully equipped studio/workshop and darkroom available to members.
Our club supports local events, projects, individual artists and NFP groups.
images by bob symons - albany western australia