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I'm an amateur photographer based in the south coast city of Albany in Western Australia.

My photographic interests are fairly diverse and constantly evolving and revolving.
To maintain an interest I think it's important to continue to seek new ways to present images and to experiment with tradtional and contemporary technology as well as in combination.

The photographic world of today has never had so much choice in equipment, media and processing software which provides us all with a wealth of creative and artistic opportunities.

My current photographic projects include portraits, designing and testing large format pinhole cameras as well as developing various darkroom and computer processing methods.

In my opinion there's never been time with so many interesting and creative opportunities available for all photographers to enjoy.
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Digital - Film - Video - Pinhole - Construction - 3D/Stereo
Portrait - Landscape - Alternative - Darkroom - Printing.
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An image from my 10" x 8" pinhole camera made from 160mm plastic drain pipe.