My photographic journey began, as many did, with a hand-me-down Box Brownie which soon made way for a sleek new Kodak Cresta 120.
That was more years ago than I care to remember and at that time none of us could have imagined the level of technology that we have at our fingertips today.

Over the years I've tried many styles of photography but I now find I'm most at home with portrait and event photography.
The time I spent with film remains an important infiuence and it's not the 'unique look' that film has nor the fact that you can now buy top pro gear that was once the stuff of dreams for the amateur photographer.
To me, a lot more fun and creative possibilities can come from a large format home made pinhole camera using expired paper for a negative or restoring a camera that may have been headed for landfill.

My choice of camera systems is obviously Olympus which I find best suits my particular style of photography.
My 70's OM-1 is every bit as nice to use as my new OM-D both of which have their own special appeal.

The arts community in Albany is outstanding and it's great to be involved in the many excellent projects and events held in Albany and throughout the Great Southern region.

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Member of the ACE Camera Club Albany Western Australia
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My current project.
I recently bought a 100 year old Kodak 3a Autographic folding camera and have just completed a restoration and conversion to take standard 120 roll film.
The result is a fairly widescreen image as the original 5 1/2 inch height remains unchanged.  Currently testing and looking forward to the results.  Love those olde lenses.