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Welcome to my photography home page.

I'm an amateur photographer based in Albany, Western Australia particularly interested in portrait and landscape photography as well as experimenting with DIY equipment and processes.

I presently hold the position of President of the Albany Film Users Group which actively promotes a return to traditional and alternative photography but at the same time, recognises that digital technology offers photographers an equally valid means of creating images.

The aim of our club is to generate opportunites for our members to experiment, explore and share with each other, an enthusiasm for creativity, personal growth and the achievment of goals, wherever their particular interest lies.

“I tend to think of the act of photographing, generally speaking, as an adventure. My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.”
― Diane Arbus

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The Albany Film Users Group was involved in the Illuminart "Process Royal Harbour Lights" and "Story Telling Projections that were held in conjunction with the Anzac Albany 100 year anniversary of the leaving of the first fleet in 1914.
Our group supplied many of the contemporary images that were included in the presentation and later at an exhibition of prints at the Vancouver Arts Centre which was attended by the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Cosgrove during their visit to Albany.
Above are some of the images that were projected onto the roof of the Albany Entertainment Centre and the Town Hall.
It was a fantastic display and we were very pleased to have had the opportunity to make a contribution to it.